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    I'm looking at getting the 225lx and noticed it does not have a startup amperage adjustability. I'm wondering just how big of a deal this is and if its worth the extra $300 or whatever for the 250ex. Otherwise it really looks like the 225lx is going to have the capability I need.

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    If you use the foot pedal all the time you don't need this feature, however if you use the torch in an awkward postion without foot pedal then the start amp thing will ramp up or down when you press/release the trigger. Does the work you would normally do with a foot pedal. Is it worth the extra 300 bucks, well, the extra 300.. buys you that and 25 more amps and a little more cleanup setting on AC., arcforce, spottimer etc. I bought the 250Ex, will I ever use all the features on it, probably not, but I won't be thinking about "What IF I had spent the extra 300". It's a mental thing with me. You only go through life one time, you may as well travel first class.

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    Those controls with the green buttons with the exception of pre and post flow, are only relevant to using the finger contactor on the torch handle. IF you are using a foot pedal, then you will not have any issues at all. The default start current is programmed in. I can't recall what it is, but suffice it to say, it is a pretty low default that allows you to establish a stable easy arc.

    In other words, most people never use it or can appreciate it. Most AC/DC TIG machines don't have this a function until you reach the top line inverter units. Then they may only have basic down slope and postflow control, less than what the 225 LX has. The 250 EX's start and end current are adjustable, but most welding applications don't require this feature.

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    Are you referring to "up slope"?

    If that's the case then you should be aware that the descriptions on the site needs updated as my 225LX does have up slope.

    I'm really loving my LX just kinda wishing it could pulse faster.

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    The descriptions are correct. It shows up slope.

    Most people cannot put to use manually the extra frequency. The settings are within many competitor's units frequency.

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    Ok. I'm still going to look into it, but by the sounds of it the lx is going to be plenty of machine for me and I probably won't need the extra capabilities of the ex. I don't really have a good grasp on the benefits between the two units though… If someone can give a good explanation that would be amazing.

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    In a nut shell (and please correct me if I'm wrong) the main differences between the LX and EX are...

    25 more amps for the EX

    Wider AC balance range.(90/10 for EX 70/30 for LX)

    Much greater pulse capability with the EX.

    Like you I'm a hobbyist welder. I choose the LX based on what I can see myself doing as well as dreaming of what I could do in the future and really didn't see any need to have the extra features the EX offered.

    Would I have got the EX had money been flowing a little better around here? Sure

    But, reality is a So I got the machine that best suited my imidiate needs as well as giving me a little room to grow in the future.

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    Hmmm, well, I'll probably just get the lx then. I don't know how long it will be until my skills are good enough to make full use of all those options. And at that point I may want a different unit anyways.

    What sort of benefits do you get with the 3 phase power source?

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    Lower power consumption,at best minor arc differences. But, 3 phase is expensive to run for a small shop/garage unless it is already there. And I am 90% certain you do not.

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    My dad has 3 phase, but I didn't know what sort of advantage you can get with it. I'm thinking that the lx is going to be plenty of machine for me. Just a waiting game until my card comes in the mail....

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    The only advantage to 3 phase in the Everlast unit is it will allow you to use a smaller breaker, draws less amps, as the current is split into 3 wires instead of 2 on 3 phase, once it gets past the power switch it’s all the same to the machine, it won’t do any more work or run any cooler.

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