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Thread: convert powerI tig to AC/DC?

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    Question convert powerI tig to AC/DC?

    hi for some time ago i bought the powerI Tig 200 for the portability. and now i was wondering if its so that all the trasnformation for Amps etc. happens before it gets rectified? like straight out of the transformator or is all this done afther it becomes DC? im planning on hooking up some extrernal connection ports for the ground and tourch to use for AC but if i cant control any of the Amps it pointless. so my question would be is this be by any chance possible? i know i only get 50/50 dcen-dcep but when im out doing quick jobs i dont need the fanciest control for balance etc. i once thougt using a AC buzz box for stick but i dosent some with pulse, pre/post flow and all the really help full stuff. my BIG AC/DC machine is not ever near portable so if this is possible it would be so great!
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    Hey iil,
    Sorry, Nope,
    these are inverter machines, there is no transformer as you are referring to, a 200 amp transformer machine is not something you want to carry around J.
    All the current is rectified right off the bat, then feeds the inverter which shapes and controls the output. There is a lot more “stuff” in the A/DC machines, it creates the A/C and frequency control and balance. It's all electronic “magic” in there. Hence the cost deference between the iTig 200 and the 200DX.
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    thanks again Ray! you seem to allways help me out here! so the best for me would be to sell my powerI tig and buy a 200 LX or was it DX ? xD any how thanks alot for the help man!
    best regards!

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    If you were to convert AC from a transformer unit, you'd need to add in a high frequency stabilization, to prevent the arc from going out when the current reverses polarity in the half cycle.

    The DX is a good little unit. Its undervalued by many in my opinion. It'll handle most average chores, quite well.

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