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Thread: I registered and have not been approved after days?

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    Default I registered and have not been approved after days?

    We get a few people, new to the forum, that register and do not get approved. Then they eventually send an email asking why (sometimes with a tone).

    Here is why. We have a number of people on the internet, for some reason, that attempt to join under fake anonymous name and spam or generate posts not related to our forum. The forum is free and we do not have time to deal with their spam messes.

    When a new member registers, we test the IP they registered with. We do a reverse look-up on the IP. If you have a good internet service, your service will IDs themselves. If this happens you are approved that second (most people).

    NOTE: If you have a technical issue you should always "call" us for help, however, without being a member or even registering, you can still read and view anything here on the forum, you just can't post.

    So here is the trick, if you sign-up and do not get approved within 24 hours, you can simply email We will reply to your email and you will need to reply back our reply (as people can email support with a fake reply-to addresses), then you will be approve based on your email address and the matching username or birth date.

    It is very few that run into this and this, and this procedure make less work for us and less hassle for the current approved Everlast members.
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    FYI: PP50, PP80, IMIG-200, IMIG-250P, 210EXT and 255EXT.

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    It is to bad you have to do all of that extra work just to keep out a few jerks..

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