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Thread: 250 ex hf point adjust

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    my points are a little bent and a have a problem starting and wandering a bit.
    whats the best tool to use to gap them as fitting a feeler gauge in is kind of a problem, not much room.and whats a good place to find a .060 feeler gauge all mine go to .025 i have put a few together but still kind of hard to hold together to get them in.

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    I believe Mike frequently recommends an old credit card.

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    I use a round wire type sparkplug gapper.

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    Thanks for the tip I will try that.

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    Mark's write, a US credit card should fit in there loosely. It's plastic, so no getting shocked and no sparks like with a metal gauge.

    Make sure the unit is off for a couple hours, also unplugged. If you fold standard printer paper twice, and mash it good and flat that is about .030 as well.

    The unit opened from the back, not the front. Back 7 screws on the bezel (four corners and three hidden on the bottom) and the 10 side screws (five on each side), grab the handle before you pull the back plastic bezel off. The cover will slide back 2 inches and lift straight up. Fan the bottom out when you lift it off an EX model, there are a couple wires on the passenger side you do not want to cut.
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    so let me get this straight the gap is to be 0.30 or 0.60?

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    yes. that is the range. (typically better at .030)

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    I thought my ex started pretty good from new but recently it has started to stay in HF. I aligned and reset my points to 030 and wow, you never even see it go hf, really cool, it starts awesome.

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