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    Does anyone know if their are any service manuals/schematics available for the 200amp multifunction welders, so that their is a way of testing the boards to self diagnose the problems.I used to service electronics and don't want to send the unit back and forth, packing unpacking etc.I blew a SCR in the board on the left side of the machine as you face it; it is the first heat sinked scr at the front and perpendicular to the board with other heat sinked scr's, and in fact i take responsobility for the problem, so it is not a mfging problem.I got this machine for parts but realize maybe it is fixable.

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    Is this an everlast welder? Can you elaborate? As far as needing information, we can help you privately. Call Mike if you need one on one help.
    If its not an Everlast then the boards are not the same.

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    No, it is not, but I'll call you direct, appreciate any service help.I herniated three vertabrae in my back and cannot lift, so moving it is out of the question.Got a surgical consult setup.
    It is one of the things that is changing with these import units; more distribution points, and they are becoming mainstream,it is alot of weight to move around.

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    The mistake that people make is assuming that they are all the same, or even "copies" of another unit. According to my research, and the information from a source in our factory, there are now over 1000 manufacturers of welding equipment in china. But there are several dozen that actually have the staying power, but they can't all be copies. There are a lot of differences in the machines. Some of them are very similar with other companies, no doubt, since the suppliers to the companies may be making individual components, or there may be several wholesalers importing these units from the same source. Most of these companies are importing from lower end companies in China as well. The prices reflect the difference in quality as well.

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    I have all winter to fix the board or the welder, it is not the only unit I have and want to use it on a home built cnc plasma in the spring(24x48), I have all winter to do the boards for that too.
    Probably one of the Mosfets burned.Would like to show everyone they are not rightoffs if their is a problem that can be diagnosed, and then be able to back it up with proof.
    I am a defender on the quality of the new import welders being brought in, alot of people say the big three are the biggest suppliers of welders, without looking at the how many welders are being produced in china for the rest of the world, europe, russia etc.So they must be doing something right.
    I know the history.....and believe this generation is very well made with features other cannot offord to offer.

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