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Thread: Supercut 50 over current light

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    Default Supercut 50 over current light

    I knew I should have used it as soon as I got it! I bought the Spercut 50 with the 60 amp head last year but also purchased a Plasmacam DHC and the Samson 510 with a Hypertherm 1000. Needless to sasy I was using the other plasma cutter until yesterday and needed to do some work outside of the shop. I figured it was time to see this baby in action! I hooked it all up and zip..nothing? I got the red light or Over Current? After about 15 minutes it never went off. I then shut it off in the back and it went off in about 15 seconds. But as soon as I turned it back on and pressed the trigger it went into O.C. again?
    I dragged out the Hypertherm 1000 and made my cut, no problems so I know it wasn't ground etc.
    I read the manual and hooked up the electric to my Honda 5000w generator and still OC!
    I have an RV 3600w generator with sine wave and hooked it up to that one and nothing but OC!
    I know my power was 220v from the breaker so it wasn't that but thought I would check by using the Generator.
    This unit has never been used until now for the first time and is brand new!
    Any suggestions?

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    My suggestion to you is to call and notify Sales . I am sure you already have done this .
    I had the very same experience from a customer today with a older model Supercut.
    He called me saying he could not make it in during regular hours for me to take a look at it so i stayed around so he had the chance to make it in. I admit i was feeling a little lazy and due to the hour i wanted to get out so i just exchanged the unit.
    while checking the unit i did notice a couple of issues the first was a bad leak at the regulator on the machine side hose and the clamp was tightened up to slow this down, the second was the regulator was set very low at about 35psi. Combine this with the air leak and i suspected there was a problem caused in the HF area.
    His symptons where He just started cutting and it stopped and the OC light came on . He left it for a while and tried it again . this time the OC light did not come on but there was no arc.
    To make a long story short before i left for the evening ( And not wanting to look at it tomorrow because i have a lot to do ) i decided to replace the suspect board keping in mind there was no evidence of any failure , when it was removed the underside of the board had burnt out beside a HF Post and this had scortched the metalic strip stopping the continuity from the board . Or at least it definately looks that way ( i did,nt take the time to verify this ) but with the new board in place it cuts the exact same as the other Supercut 50 models i have been testing for most of the day. I use 2 settings when testing units. first cuts are 34-36amps @ 60psi on 1/8" and final cuts are 50 amps @ 70psi ( static pressure) on 1/2"
    The board involved is relatively simple to swap out but there is 1 small control wire that needs to be soldered to the replacement board so it is not just a plug and go fix.
    Having said all this i now have to give him a call to remind him to keep his air pressure up as the Supercut does not have the low air protection that the PowerPlasma 50 has.

    905 637 1637

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    Thanks, I appreciate the help!

    It does make sense now that you said that. I did indeed have the same air leak on both sides of the air line hose top and bottom were leaking. Probably to late caught then fixed?
    I did also get a quick spark like it was going to cut and stopped and from then on the red OC light would come on as soon as i pressed the trigger.

    I would be willing to move up to a larger and better unit if allowed? I'll ask when i speak to support...Thanks again Titan Winch

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