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    Received your Defender welding helmet. The box looked like the driver used it as a seat for lunch. Seems to work. Also seems to be built upside down from the pictures on your site. I had to turn the lens over to make it usable because the solar cell was at the top. Any way the instructions do not explain how to adjust this helmet. I need a good explanation of the offset button which is not mentioned in the documentation shipped with the unit. When I press the offset I get a ++ nothing or -- is this changing the shade from the base 11. Can i even set a shade 9 on this helmet and if you can does it change as you ramp up the amps.

    I hope this makes sense.


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    Steve, the helmet is automatic, it adjusts automatically to light intensity. The plus or minus does alter the ultimate shade by half shades if I recall. Two pluses will change one full shade and make the compensation lighter or darker than the standard program allows.

    The lenses were updated to change theposition. The solar cell should be at the top of the unit. It shouldn't really matter. The lenses have been tested harshly for over a year now. The lens position was altered and the controls revered to fit the forhead length/eye ratio that is typically longer in the US than in China. The altered position has now been made standard worldwide except for the Chinese market.

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    The new helmets are slightly different in the lens configuration than the ones on the web sight. I bought the Fabricator, works great. I have always thought the head adjustments on these helmets were lacking, not this one, adjustments hold there position, only thing I did has add a nicer sweat band. Every bit as nice as the $200 units at the LWS.

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    What does it mean when my Defender helmet peeps when I'm welding.


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    Well, it may mean that the unit is compensating for the arc intensity or that the battery is low. You can see if the battery bars are up full or non existent.
    to clarify which it is. Usually its a double beep if it is low.

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