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    Default water cooled torch

    When hooking up a water cooled torch does it matter what hose goes to the inlet and outlet on the cooler ? it is not marked on the hoses, and does not say in the manual.

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    Default flow

    Cooler diagrams I have seen show the cooler output going to the torch DINSE connector and the return line from the torch going to the cooler input. Probably because you want to keep high current line cool, therefore cooler output to current line before the torch head. This is how I setup my CK200 torch on my 250 ex with the everlast cooler.

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    That is not how our torches are plumbed. There are usually small tags on our torches that show the actual plumbing.

    The smaller line is the pressure side. The Dinse side is the discharge. Just as with any "hydraulic" system, the larger line is the return line. The smaller braided line is the high pressure line and the cable is the return path of the water. Further where the water exits the connector, the line is unreinforced.

    In fact, other torches I have seen are plumbed similarly, but CK may be different.

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    Default water plumbing

    Sorry: stand corrected. this the diagram I followed:

    because the torch that came with the 250 ex had the fittings on the hose ends - a water and gas line swapped, they could not be connected as shipped. The from had warned me about this, so i checked it before plumbing, and they were wrong. The cooler did not have a hookup diagram. The in an out water lines on the torch sent with the 250 ex and the in/out water lines with the CK200 are the same size - about 1/8". I agree with Marks statement about hydraulics and hose size, but did not see a difference in the sizes.

    Good luck.

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    If you'll see the Miller diagram, the blue lines ( universally recognized as cold) are going directly to the torch from the cooler. The red lines (recognized as hot) are going down the main cable and out through the Dinse. The diagram is correct, just as we have ours.

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    Thanks guys,
    Everlast might want to put a note in the manual about the water hook up, both of the lines that came on my torch are the same dia. and are to short to reach the cooler when every thing is set on there cart, I will be getting some hose today to make them longer.

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    Default Cooler setup

    Pictures of my cooler setup. The CK200 torch is installed, but the lines are the same size for the original torch (1/8" barb fittings). Not necessarily the best setup, but an example that works so far.
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    Just for fun FYI, I have hooked it up backwards (not on purpose, lol) and welded some THICK aluminum and it seemed to cool just fine. But it is wrong, and is better to cool the head first. The big Traffimet 18 series is a forgiving sucker if nothing else! Great torch, even as i prefer a 20 series. But don't try to imitate the traffimet 18, and use your CK or any other 20 series water cooled torch, as an air cooled up X amperage! You will burn that sucker up with suprisingly low amperage. The one bummer about a WC 20 series if your only using a hose with city water ..... you HAVE to hook the hose up everytime you use it, unlike the dual use traffy.

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