I've had a PowerTIG 210EXT for a few months now. The way my welding cart is set-up I can't reach the power switch on the back of the 210EXT, I leave the power switch turned on and use an extension cord to plug the 210EXT in to the outlet and I flip the breaker in the fuse box to turn the 210EXT on and off. I will be getting a wall switch that can handle the load of the welder because I know it's not good to keep flipping the circuit on and off.
Every time I flip the circuit to turn on the 210EXT I have to reset the settings on the machine. What I had set on the 210EXT before I turned it off is gone. I have to set everything again; ac/dc, arc start, amps, preflow, postflow, etc.
Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with my unit?