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Thread: Problem cutting with PP 102i

  1. Default Problem cutting with PP 102i

    I just bought a PowerPlasma 102i. I have clean, dry air (air drier off the compressor, filter drier at the wall and a dessicant drier at the plasma cutter cart) and good power (I can carbon arc with a miller XMT 350 until it hits it's duty cycle on single phase on the same outlet) but it won't cut larger than 5/8" plate.

    The unit came with a 1.6mm nozzle in the torch (I assume it was tested with it) and came with 1.5mm replacement consumables. I have burned up all the included consumables including the 1.6 set it came with trying to figure out how to get it to cut 3/4" plate.

    I start at an edge, initiate the arc and start to move into the material. It seems like it doesn't have enough arc to get through to make a cut and the arc shuts off before it goes all the way through, then starts to cycle on/off like it loses continuity. I have monitored the air pressure while running, as well as any indicator lights etc... and there are no obvious trouble lights or indication that there is a problem with the unit or the process.

    I have tried air pressure from the minimum to the maximum (and slightly under and over the air pressure recommendations) trying to test out why it won't cut. I have turned the amperage up to 100a and it will cut 1/2" and 5/8" plate as long as you move fast to keep the arc going. I have turned the amperage down to 70-75 amps and it seems to cut the same no matter how much above 75 amps I turn it.

    Do I have a mismatch of swirl ring or consumables? There is no part numbers on the swirl ring although I see there is different parts for 30-70a and 80-100a. After doing some other online research, I read that the wrong swirl ring can damage consumables and have poor cut quality which is kind of what I am experiencing. The 1.5mm nozzles are the recommended for 90-100a cutting so that is what I got. I ordered $250 worth of consumables right from Everlast to replace the ones it came with that I have destroyed.

    I guess I came here to see if I am doing something wrong or maybe the machine is defective? Is there more to look for besides what is listed in the troubleshooting guide in the owners manual? I bought this to cut 3/4" or larger plate to speed up the fabricating I do and to reduce the need for acetylene.

    Any tips or thoughts on these issues?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I replaced the ground lead with a 4ga cable and a better clamp and that seemed to help. The new consumables seemed to be better as well. It still seems to shut the arc off too soon, as it won't finish cutting before the flame shuts off and starts the restarting cycle. Still no word on the proper consumables or if there is any difference. I will post with any findings for anyone else looking for help in this issue.

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    Look in your manual for the consumable sizes. If it is shutting off, you are going too slow and loosing your arc or you have your air pressure wrong.

    Make sure you have it set to auto restart.

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    I consulted the manual. I have the settings on auto restart. I wanted to test the machine on cutting 1-1/2" plate, so I made sure to get the recommended 1.5mm nozzles. I ordered them from Everlast. The problem is the cut speed to cut even 1-1/4" plate is too fast to let the arc get through the plate. So when you slow down to get through, the arc stops. So it basically won't cut 1-1/4" plate or larger.

    Is this normal or is the machine not right? This isn't my first plasma cutter, just my first Everlast plasma.

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    Well, I did find out that the swirl ring shipped with the torch on this unit was the correct 80-100a part number 60026, which has six tangential holes drilled in it. The 30-70a swirl ring, part number 60025, has four holes drilled in it. I bought some aftermarket drag shield and nozzles, they seem to work fairly well but it still will not cut larger than 1-1/4" plate.

    I will try some 1.6 nozzles next and report back.

    I might even buy the aftermarket Duramax replacement torch if I decide to keep this. I wish I had this review to look at before buying, because I haven't seen anyone having luck cutting thick plate yet.

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    The Duramax torch will void the warranty.

    Are you doing this for CNC? Or hand cutting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    The Duramax torch will void the warranty.

    Are you doing this for CNC? Or hand cutting?
    Hand cutting. I wanted the ability to be able to cut bore holes in 1-1/2" plate to set starting holes for line boring. I don't always cut that thick, but it's nice to have the ability. And I don't have three phase otherwise I would have got a power max 105.

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