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Thread: EVERLAST TYPHOON 230 Advanced Features Overview and Metal Art Demo

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    Yeah, this is a good video on the new Typhoon's advanced features and some of their uses, demonstrated by a pretty cool cat named Austin, on

    Premiered Jan 23, 2024 (at

    "In this video, Austin explains the different welding waveforms used for TIG welding aluminum on AC. He starts off by explaining polarity before jumping into the different types of waves you can make for welding aluminum. Then, he puts it into practice by welding an aluminum frame for a custom piece of TIG Art he made using copper as a canvas for a tree using silicon bronze and then flame painting it to give it color and a one-of-a-kind look. To learn more about the flame painting process head over to the weld app."
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    Unfortunately it is full of errors and innaccurate statements. One of the plain that made me "palm face" was the use of cheap aluminum oxide sanding discs to remove aluminum oxide off of aluminum.

    His description of "mix TIG" was 100% wrong. Other issues exist as well, including the recommended settings for AC. With that welder if you need 45% cleaning, you have something else wrong.

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    His jumping up that high on AC balance seemed a little off. And his "Mix TIG" or Advanced Pulse understanding seemed a little off too.

    But, a little more time with the unit and he'll be a whiz, no doubt, judging from other projects and videos he's done.
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    The weld was bad. He used an aluminum oxide padded palm sander to remove.....aluminum oxide.

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    Yeah, I've undoubtedly been guilty of that too, by using a flap disc for the initial clearing of older aluminum stock surface debris, and also for on-the-fly tungsten sharpening.

    Now that you mention it, it's undoubtedly not a best-practice.

    Otherwise, I'll always have a fairly fresh stainless steel bristle brush handy.
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    Of course, for around 9 years now, I've been digging my Everlast 210EXT TIG unit, with its advanced features (I like Triangle wave sometimes, and have used the Advanced Pulse AC/DC on aluminum a few times), and especially its 60% duty-cycle (its never timed or temped-out).

    But, a notable added point on the Typhoon 230, is its 70% duty-cycle at max amps.

    I find that to be a brilliant industry accomplishment, at a price-point value that could be affordable to many welders, shops, or hobbyists on the North American continent.

    And, of course, the duty-cycle ratings by Everlast are shown to be reliable, even conservative, that I've noticed, especially from a Duty-Cycle Showdown video done by Mr. TIG some years ago, testing 4 units simultaneously (including my 210EXT model, which exceeded the 60%), and was one of the reasons I bought my 210EXT.

    The Typhoon 230 is about a Grand more than a 210EXT, but if that's affordable to someone over the EXT, I'd say, Go for it!
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