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Thread: Everlast Hurricane MTS-C MIG, w/ Plasma & AC DC TIG!

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  1. Default Everlast Hurricane MTS-C MIG, w/ Plasma & AC DC TIG!

    Yes, WOW, it's the new one that even has Plasma too!

    I mean, with the Everlast 5-year parts and labor warranty, plus the new 3-year free return shipping for warranty repair, there seems to be no need to fear having one machine with that many functions on it.

    ROCK ON, Everlast!

    And, thank you, CHINA, for making it affordable to the North American market at around $2500.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Don't thank China. Thank us. If we had the same profit margin that other companies build into their unit, that would be 8k.

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    I thank you both!

    Everlast and China are a team that provides the North American welder marketplace with high-quality and high-value choices, that are fairly insulated from State-created price inflation, due to the US money supply having been expanded tremendously in the past 15 years by the US Treasury and US Federal Reserve, causing a general loss of purchasing power of the USD on most everything, i.e., a stealth tax which helps the federal State service its enormous debt easier. (I mean, that kind of expansion of money supply would be called "counterfeiting" if you or I did it, and would land a person in prison for the real harm that it causes to purchasing power of the currency.)

    Miraculously though, the Everlast unit prices don't reflect much price inflation, probably due to China's efforts to keep their exports and currency exchanges favorable to foreign markets, as well as Everlast's fair pricing and reasonable profit margins.

    I mean, it may not last forever. So, it's a good time to buy an Everlast unit.

    Weld Mean, Weld Green!
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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    No we are not that insulated. We've got a 28% tariff, and our costs have risen dramatically. Our production costs are not that different from Miller's. We've just chosen to absorb much of it and focus on volume. We have had retail cost increases though and expect a few more.

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    Everlast's costs are undoubtedly higher than before the PPP and the Cares Act, et al.

    Still though, Everlast puts the benchmark standard of Miller units to shame in price point and value on the North American continent.

    I mean, I'm sure most Miller internal components are now also produced in Asia/China, and not Appleton/Wisconsin, but they never seemed to pass any of those cost savings of theirs along to consumers. Although, the new Miller Multimati 220 AC/DC TIG/MIG seems a better value than most other offerings from them, at about $4200, which is about twice as much for a comparable Everlast unit, instead of three times as much.

    The new Everlast Typhoon TIG units are as, or more advanced than a Miller Dynasy, at about one-third the price, and come with a better warranty, too.

    RUN, DON'T WALK to buy an Everlast unit!
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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Here's a new quick video by Everlast of the Hurricane doing a Plasma demo.

    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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