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Thread: Pin for TIG Trigger on Connector - 225LX

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    Just checking to make sure I rig up my TIG Trigger (switch) to the right pins. On my 225LX, I'm hooking the two wires (no polarity) from the switch to Pins 1 and 2 on the 7-pin connector. I know that the connector is a standard GX20 7-pin female connecter... just want to double check that these two pins are correct for my unit.

    By the way, every GX20 connector I've found is cheap Chinese garbage. These are typically used for microphone connections and rated for 5A but since this is just for signal, I don't think the rating matters much. But I sure wish I could find a quality Amphenol or Cannon connector. Anyone found a source for a higher quality 7-pin connector?

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    Everlast sells one that is slightly better than the audio/aviation and other style types.
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    It's a Panasonic/Japanese design, and is the standard 7-pin connector on current Everlast units, I believe.

    You may have to change the male end on the machine too, though, if your 225LX is still of the old style.
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    These are reportedly rated to 7 amps.
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    Thanks for the reply - much appreciated. Dumb of me not the check Everlast first! The GX20 female connector plugs right in without a problem but all the Chinese ones are junk; they corrode and many are made of cheap brass vs. plated copper. The Japanese connection is a T707. The one made in the U.S. is a Philmore 61-607. These are mic jacks that are rated for higher amperage. However, most mic jacks are M16 vs the M20 threads on my 225LX. I could never nail down the specs for the thread size for the Japanese or USA made 7-pin female connectors. The picture on the Everlast site looks like a T707 from Japan.

    When you mention the possible need to swap out the male base plate are you referring to the threads not matching? Or did something change in the pinouts? I'm not sure what constitutes the 'old style' for a 225LX - can I sort that out via a serial number?

    I've never been able to establish whether Pin 1 and 2 are the correct pins for a trigger switch on all Everlast TIG machines, or most, or some. It would sure help to be sure for my unit - don't want to "torch" my torch!

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    I just didn't know if the 225LX is old enough that the pedal/contactor receptacle is of the type that is previous to the Panasonic style, and that it might not be perfectly compatible with a female Panasonic end on a contact switch or pedal.

    I'm no expert at any of this, but if you upload some pics, that might clarify things.

    Everlast unit manuals usually show a pin-out diagram for the pedal connector, and a two-pin contact switch may still need to utilize two more of the 7-pin slots to jumper to themselves if I recall correctly, which lets the machine sense that a pedal or contactor is installed.
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    Anyway, here's the pinout for my 210EXT:

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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Hmmm... that's brings up an interesting question and complicates my 2-wire to Pin 1 and 2 scenario. Thanks for posting!

    I can understand Everlast not wanting to provide complete wiring diagrams for their welders, but clear pinout drawings for the input connector (pedal or switch) for each model they make is a simple affair and would remove guess work. I can't find a 7-pin pinout diagram from my machine at all. It's certainly not in the manual I received but I will pull the cover and check inside.

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    It's in almost every manual and has been for years. And you can call me or call tech support at ext 207.

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    Quote Originally Posted by performance View Post
    It's in almost every manual and has been for years. And you can call me or call tech support at ext 207.
    Thanks - tried a call but no one around so dropped an email. No pinouts in my manual, but did find them in other manuals and it's Pin 1 and 2 only.

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