My trusty machine has lost its spark. I haven't used it in a few months and turned it on to test our my new TIG trigger on my CK torch. Fired it up and got HF but no arc. Hmmm.... Must be the new switch so I switched over to my foot pedal - no arc. I thought 'bad ground' and checked my ground path back to the machine. I had the ground directly connected to the work piece and the ground is solid to the machine. My panel looks fine and the breaker is working as it should - I have a 220 outlet powered off the breaker and the ground in the plug connects directly to the panel earth buss. I installed new tungsten and checked my settings - I'm welding thin steel plate so 2T, 1 sec pre/4 sec post, 50amps. My next step is to check the points and gap. The only thing that's changed in my setup is a new tank of argon.

It's been very hot in the garage over the summer, but other than the points, am I missing something else? Looking for that 'duuuuuuhhh' moment.