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Thread: 325ext foot pedal issue *brand new*

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    Hey all, just fired up our new 325ext yesterday and could not get it to put any heat into the material. (1/4" 5052 alu.) Double checked all settings were correct, even went up as high as 300amps, and still could tell the output was way too low with the pedal floored for as long as 10 seconds.

    Was short on time, but couldn't walk away without some diagnosis, so I disconnected the pedal and quickly hooked the finger switch back up to test. At 250amps I had a nice puddle in 2 seconds. Clearly the pedal is the culprit.

    Unfortunately I had to run before I could open the pedal up, but will be back in tomorrow to have a look. Are there any common issues in the pedal assembly to check for?

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    You probably won't skip much of a beat.

    I mean, if the pedal is a NOVA type, they're quite sound. But maybe a connector inside has dislodged somehow. After cracking it open, the solution may be obvious. Otherwise, Everlast will undoubtedly resolve it.

    When you've got the time to give more feedback to all of us here, please do!

    I've had so much good performance from my 210EXT and Everlast support feedback and interaction, since 2015, that I'm confident you're experience will only be bolstered by the resolution of this little so-called hiccup.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    You likely have it wired wrong. Consult the manual to double check the wiring color and configuration/plug. White and black are used as hot wires. Make sure it is in pedal mode only and not pedal+2T or Pedal +4T.

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