I Purchased a Power MTS 252sti few years back, and Synergic Spoolgun never really worked for me, it was always too slow to do anything good because i could never set the WireSpeed on the spoolgun itself,
anyways today i watched a youtube video and they said something about spoolguns being either MTS and I-MIG. Perapse i was sent a I-MIG one

The wire speed knob controller on MY spoolgun does nothing.

---MIG Spool Gun SM 200-N
---MIG Spool Gun MTS 200-N

Im canadian, i bought this welder from toronto dealership. (canadian website)

Today i found out MTS 252 is discontinued and got better.

My question for you, How can i tell the difference from a SM and a MTS spoolgun.
Secondly, Is it possible for me, to (re-arrange the wires to convert it to MTS if i happen to have a SM)

Thank you for your time.

P.S. i really like the everlast welders.