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Thread: Which is a better choice of welders?

  1. Question Which is a better choice of welders?

    I'm looking at adding a welder/s to my home shop. I've used Mig, stick and spool guns before at work. Mostly automotive and boat/trailer work, but looking to build/ fabricate some projects. I was looking at getting either...The PowerPRO 205Si and add a portable MIG unit, OR the Storm 215C and added a Tig unit. Which would be a better route?

    My thinking is the PowerPRO 205Si, a Portable mig unit would give me the flexability for jobs away from the garage. On the other hand, the Storm is portable'sh and a stand alone TIG unit would allow for more flexability with TIG options.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

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    No suggestions? I added another option to the mix. I like the features on the PowerMTS 251Si, with it's capacity and Pulse options. If it was your pick... what would it be? The PowerMTS 251Si and PowerPro 205Si are basically the same price. The storm being slightly cheaper.

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    I'd say the 251 Si, with it's single-pulse ability, that undoubtedly and also makes for a competent aluminum MIG sheet solution, has my vote.

    I mean, my 210 EXT AC/DC TIG is my "go-to", but the 251 Si has HF DC TIG Arc starts and a TIG gas solenoid, too, with its included TIG torch and Pedal, etc. My TIG welding is about 75% DC.

    So, a 251 Si, with its 250 amps and single-pulsed MIG can do an aluminum diamond-plate sheeted trailer project, etc. Plus, the 251 Si has obviously proven itself as a competent DC TIG and Stick unit as well, over the years, judging from numerous video demos by various people.

    I mean, a "Plasma" multi unit has its place too, but, to me, the three main welding processes come first.

    Otherwise, you could go "all-in" for the "welding" processes, by getting a Lighting 225 MTS, which includes AC TIG and at least a couple of waveforms, on sale now for an incredible value, at about $2100 (NOT MIG Pulse, though, like the 251 Si has).
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    Thanks for the reply,
    It's hard to choose with so many options/machines. I was trying to stay under / around $1,500 but, The next model up ALWAYS looks enticing. I currently don't do much aluminum... but I think I might in the future. I've used spoolguns before but I'm weighing the price increase for AC TIG? 225MTS looks good... but then you can say the MTS 275 is just $400 more and has a high duty cycle? Maybe that's the better choice? My problem is finding out when enough is enough.

    Thanks again for the input.

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    Yeah, you're not going to get "hurt" on any of those units with Everlast.

    But, knowing what process and material you'll spend most of your time with will help making a good decision.

    You haven't really indicated your target in fabrication material choices.

    I'd say, the 251 Si is a good place to start for primary MIG welding (which includes single-pulse MIG welding), then, if you want a more advanced AC TIG welding ability on aluminum later, go for a 210 EXT (they're both about $1500, apiece).
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    I've mainly worked with steel... retired Mechanic. Alot was with landscapiing trailers/ equipment and some one-off turbo kits on the side. I'm starting to work on more marine items and aluminum. I don't want to be kicking my self for not spending the extra $ on the better unit if I will be doing more with aluminum in the future. I think I might just bite the bullet and get the MTS 275, since I like the dual drivers and duty cycle.

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    Unfortunately, even an all in one isn't the ultimate solution. You'll need to take a look at the Lightning 225 if you want portability.

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    Thanks for the reply Mark.

    I've always knew I would need multiple machines in the long run. Just trying to see the best combos to cover my bases. It's looking Like the MTS275 will do what I need. While getting a seperate Plasma cutter later... for the convenience, LOL. The 14 lbs difference between the 225 and 275 isn't a deterant for me.When considering the Dual drivers, E6010 option and duty cycle of the 275 for only $400 more, I don't really see the choice. I think the TIG Aluminum option vs. Mig SpoolGun welding has moved me away from my original options. I'm getting more into manufacturing items/repairs that require a MORE Cosmetic importance than before for me and my customers.

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    A spool gun isn't always necessary for aluminum MIG welding.

    I mean, there was a gal named Kaycee Boyce, if I recall her name correctly, who posted a video of her rocking an Everlast 251Si doing single-pulse aluminum with just the standard whip. Maybe it had a different teflon liner, and maybe it used a stiffer aluminum alloy wire/filler, like 5356.

    But, she demonstrated that the 251Si is certainly capable of single-pulse MIG on aluminum without a spool gun.

    Strangely, the video doesn't appear on her channel now, as it had used some AC/DC audio music in the background, which could prompt YouTube problems with so-called intellectual property.

    Otherwise, sure, a Lightning MTS275 has got AC TIG on tap, with an extra waveform too, I believe.

    So, you'll undoubtedly enjoy any of those Everlast units and the incredible values they give to consumers.

    Thank you CHINA (and Everlast), for keeping welder unit Price Inflation down for people on the North American continent, and around the rest of the globe, too!
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    Here's a little more on MIG welding aluminum without a spool gun:

    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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