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Thread: powertig 250EX help needed

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    Default powertig 250EX help needed

    i have a powertig 250ex early 2012 model, been great for years, welded a huge project with it at the end of last summer, now that winter has gone i went to use it this weekend for a small aluminum job and nothing, hi-freq start works, as i can see it and hear it, amps stay anywhere fro 4 to 7, the amp knob does nothing, the start amps and end amps knobs will intermittently adjust my amperage on the screen, but the puddle is absolute garbage, pedal still sends signal, so am i screwed and time for a new welder?


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    You can contact 877 755 9353 for a free over the phone diagnosis and help. They can then give you repair options.

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    Ok thanks, I'll give that a try.

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    Pop the cover and investigate the various boards to see if any resistors, capacitors, diodes, or traces are blown.

    I did that on my 8+ years old 210EXT, and found a small daughterboard to have smoked, undoubtedly due to dirty, metal particle conditions within.

    Everlast service personal asked for some pics and a serial number, then quoted me $149 for the small daughterbaoad, which solved my problem.

    So, even out-of-warantee, Everlast rocks!
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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