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Thread: Riding Mower Oil Cooler Custom Install With Everlast 210EXT AC/DC Welder

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    "Christian Livingstone shares a project he did by installing a 14-ounce aftermarket oil cooler to his zero-turn lawn mower. The motor is a 20hp V-twin Briggs, but the cooler install could be done on any brand. Christian installs a stainless steel dial thermometer gauge to verify his before-and-after findings about how effective the cooler is, and the indicator also acts as the dipstick. The muffler system is wrapped to lower the ambient air temperature near the oil cooler. Theres' a little welding involved, but the existing oil cooler bracket could undoubtedly be used by most people without any need for welding. And at the current Springtime temperatures when the project was completed, the reduction in oil temperature was -15 degrees cooler."

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    UPDATE: Sunday, May 7, 2023, NOW, at an ambient outdoor temperature of 92 degrees, I was mowing for 45 minutes, and the oil temperature was elevated to the exact difference between the oil temperature with the oil cooler installed when the ambient outdoor temperature was only 62 degrees (which netted a baseline oil temperature max of 175 degrees), i.e., NOW at a 92 degree outdoor temperature, the mower oil max temperature is 205 degrees, or exactly the 30 degree difference between the initial baseline taken at the 62 degree air temperature, versus the 92 degree air temperature. So, oil temperature is undoubtedly always relative to outdoor air temperature, but that now with the oil cooler it will always also be 15 degrees cooler relative to outdoor air temperature, e.g., if I was mowing for 45 minutes at a 92 degree outdoor air temperature without the newly installed oil cooler, then I would have undoubtedly netted a max engine oil temperature of 220 degrees. I mean, as I mentioned earlier, maybe someone out there can comment on the average oil temperature of a V-Twin mower motor when running at around 92 degree air temperature without any oil cooler installed.
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    It could also be how tall the grass is and how hard it is working.

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    Yeah, that's true, but so far everything is quite equitable and very tame regarding conditions.

    So, I'm still curious about what might be the average oil temperatures for V-twins for riding mowers in summertime conditions.

    I mean, I could negate the the oil cooler system that I've installed, to determine what is the otherwise temperature. But, I'm a little lazy that way, and suspect that my instant instinct is correct.

    Otherwise, I'm curious if anyone has a way to demonstratively show what a V-Twin normally runs at, temperature-wise, with typical summer-time air temperatures.
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