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Thread: New Typhoon 230 TIG Video: Independent Amplitude EXPLAINED

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    I noticed a new Everlast video about this feature. I mean, my 210EXT has some advanced features and a few waveforms, but not this Amplitude Control. Fun stuff! I mean, I wonder if the 50% AC Balance setting is the ideal setting when using the Amplitude Control; it very well may be and undoubtedly would be interesting to try some settings. That Typhoon 230 has some brilliant stats, like the 70% duty-cycle, but also has some good dual-voltage inrush amp specs that might may it very usable on 120V too.

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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Oh! This is Great,,, we now have the "Answer to the Nonexistent Problem" (well, I guess it would exist if you, for Some Reason, wanted to run 50/50 Balance)

    Let's all run out and Buy a Machine that gives you the capability to do That by all means....

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    Oh, stop!

    The 50/50 AC Balance set in that way was probably just to use an an equilateral baseline of sorts for the initial demonstration.

    Of course, the Miller Dynasty units used to make you pay an extra $500+ for this feature on their 200 and 280 units, via an optional 50-cent piece of plastic SmartMedia with a few lines of computer code on it. I think they've now stopped artificially making that feature a "proprietary" and costly option now, by including it on the 210DX and 300 units, just like it is on 350/400 units, and beyond, I believe.

    So, if AC Amplitude Control is a solution in search of a problem, then Miller Dynasty units have foisted it on the Welding World for years now, while making it a sneaky and costly, State-protected IP patent issue, and needlessly so.

    Of course, Everlast includes AC Amplitude Control as a standard feature on the Typhoon units. Even ESAB does too, on its Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC unit.

    You have heard of Miller and ESAB, I presume?

    So, do you really think "AC Amplitude Control" is a "global welding conspiracy" feature, and that Everlast is just a little late to the "party"?

    These two new "Typhoon" units have "advanced-features" that you may never want, undoubtedly because you'll never even try them.

    Of course, I've mentioned in forums and on videos that advanced features are helpful even to AC newbies, for thinner aluminum, e.g., Triangle waveform. And I even like the Advanced Pulse/MIX TIG feature on my 210EXT, that welds aluminum on AC and DC, simultaneously. And yes, Fronius units utilize that same feature, so don't just take my word that it's not just another "world wide welding conspiracy"...
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Well, I can see that you're Very Impressed,,, after all if it's deemed a necessity by Miller, then it must be an Important feature

    I do like the wave modifications in my 255EXT, as you say, "Triangle" for sheetmetal and all, but THIS is just Shiney-Shiney-Shiney for "I don't know Who"...

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    Hey, thanks for the feedback Blaster. I don’t mind the debate or exchange at all, I appreciate it. But, you’re coming over here from the WeldingWeb forum, right? I used to debate with a clique of those guys for a few years, until they kept crying to their clique of moderators to finally ban my objective feedback.

    Nah, Miller obviously doesn’t deem AC Amplitude Control a “necessity”, since it was only offered as an expensive add-on for all those years with the 200/280 Dynasty models, as I mentioned.

    Miller and ESAB are sound welding machine producers that have been around for a long time on a few continents of the planet. They’re just a historical reference, not some sanctified race of superior engineers. Miller Dynasty model were impressive, and thought by some to be a proverbial sacred cow.

    And now Everlast is implementing AC Amplitude Control too, on its new, and most-advanced AC/DC TIG welding units.

    That’s an achievement for Everlast. Bravo!

    And now, those two Typhoon units make that feature fairly affordable for even the novice TIG welder or hobbyist, when seeking an extra-advanced-featured unit early in their welding efforts.

    So, that’s an achievement of non-violent Market "forces", too, which is anti-inflationary and allows welder consumers to keep the difference of what would otherwise cost them about three times as much for a comparable product.

    And, someone has said something to the effect that, sacred cows aren’t often slain, they more often just fade away…
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    It's gone beyond Amplitude control. We offer split wave form control. And for DC, pulse shaping. But we also have many more advanced and up-to-date features.

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    I thought those Typhoon models might be able to assign a waveform to the EP and a different one to the EN, too.

    Everlast is such a big help in the Market, compared to 10 years ago, when a transformer TIG unit was a high-priced proposition and usually stuck at 60 Hz.

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    It's gone beyond Amplitude control. We offer split wave form control. And for DC, pulse shaping. But we also have many more advanced and up-to-date features.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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