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Thread: 2014/2015 210EXT Daughterboard Identification: I Smoked It, Can It Be Fixed?

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    My 2014/2015 210EXT smoked a daughterboard after I did another sweep-down of my garage, which included using a leaf blower that undoubtedly moved around a lot of metal particles, and I then proceeded to weld, as the shielding gas became irregular, and I noticed an "804" code on the panel, it was then that the internals let out a "pop" and a visible spark from inside.

    I'd been lazy for the past five years, not having cleaned the internals, which were pretty dirty as I finally cleaned them out now.

    Maybe "Mark/Performance" from Everlast here on the Forum can inform me which daughterboard this is, so I can communicate more intelligibly with the Everlast phone staff, when I do contact them soon.

    I'm guessing that it's one that has to do with the torch amperage modulation, but I'm no electronics technician, and with a resistor, at least one diode, and a trace blown on it, that seems to be better to just swap out the small daughterboard, if they're still available to be had for purchase.

    Yes, the unit is out-of-warrantee after more than 8 years. I purchased it in Jan., 2015, but it was manufactured in July, 2014.

    Anyway, if one of these daughterboard?s can still be had a a reasonable cost, I'll take a shot at swapping the daughterboard.

    Otherwise, I'm inclined to get another, more updated 210EXT, as the low-amp arc starts on AC are a big plus for me on thin aluminum.

    I mean, after more than 8+ years, at around the same price of around $1500, the 210EXT has had an actual cost of about $181 per-year, which is an undoubted winner, to me.

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    Here's two more pics. One with the serial number and one with the board in-hand to show the scale.

    I think just call in today anyway, and maybe these pics in this forum/thread will be a quick reference for whoever I talk to.

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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    That shouldn't be that much to replace. That looks like it may be the dual voltage board maybe? Not sure. But call ext 207. They can get you another coming that way at a reasonable price.

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    I've spoken to Matt today, at the EVERLAST service phone extention (207), and he was quick and concise to provide a potential and elegant service solution for me.

    So, I've proved to myself several years ago that the EVERLAST in-warrantee during the 30-day, some years ago, that the the 5-year period, was "REAL", having upgrading an initial purchase, to the 210EXT was no-problem for EVERLAST, to me, all those years ago.

    But, now I'm proving to myself, that the the "out-of-warrantee" period of EVERLAST, of a "reasonable-repair cost" is REAL too.

    I mean, it's no guarantee that this $149 daughterboard will fix my unit. But, there's a good chance that it will!

    I'll let you all know, here, if it does.

    In either case, ROCK On EVERLAST, and THANK YOU, CHINA (for your anti-inflationary efforts/effects)!

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    BAM!, and just like that, my 8+ year-old Everlast 210EXT is "whole" again, thanks to the reasonable cost ($149, total) of Everlast service, even out-of-warrantee.

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    And thanks also to the efficiency of the Asian supply chain. I mean, I got and paid the Everlast invoice on Friday (Mar. 24), and the power control daughterboard arrived to me today in North America by DHL Express (Mar. 29), from China. And it looks and smells like a newly-minted board, rather than an old, dusty one that was sitting on a shelf for a half-dozen years. So, they apparently just pulled the schematic for my earlier EXT model and whipped one up, on-the fly, then shipping it immediately. Thank you, CHINA!

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    I tested on both AC and DC, and it's all good again.

    One added negligence of mine is now rectified, by deleting an extra and unnecessary extension cord to the welder. The unit is used in an unattached garage that is a bit of a distance from the breaker panel to start with, so getting that needless length of wire out of the loop is undoubtedly a good thing. And it's squeaky clean inside now, too!

    Anyway, the board was easy enough to diagnosis by the visuals, and then just swap it out, no sweat!
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