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    Well I searched the forums and didn’t see anything about this so I thought I would post. I’ve got a new 200DV which I’ve only used a few times and seems to be working great. But the other day I had a weird thing happen. I had finished a tig weld and lifted the torch from the work. While moving I accidentally stepped on the foot pedal and suddenly had current running through my welding glove into my metal welding table where my wrist was resting on it. Scared the heck out of me. So next I rested the torch on one of my metal table clamps and made sure the tungsten was sticking up in the air. I stepped on the pedal and sure enough I could see a spark going out the back of the torch right next to the back cap.
    At the time the welder was plugged into 110 so I checked that outlet with a circuit tester and it showed everything (including the ground) was fine. My welder is about 4 ft from my welding table and the ground clamp was connected to the table. The welder is on a metal dolly on concrete and the table on concrete as well. I took the torch apart and double checked everything was in place. The torch hasn’t been dropped and I can’t see any visible damage.
    Anyone have any insight as to why this might have happened.

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    Welcome to TIG welding. This is normal, especially when you are slightly damp to wet. But if you see the spark coming out of the back cap, you may have a crack in it. Don't step on the pedal. Make sure you aren't becoming part of the electrical path. The HF has to go somewhere, and if you aren't welding or insert yourself somewhere as part of the circuit path, this will happen.

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