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Thread: Lightning MTS 275 Screen Freezing

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    My MTS 275 has an issue with the screen becoming frozen after a few minutes of welding. Whether using manual settings or Pre Set settings the screen does not respond to changes in the settings. The welder does respond to changes in WFS or Voltage, however the screen does not show the changed settings. If the machine is turned off and back on the screen is responsive until it does it again.

    Service has been very responsive. They sent a new screen circuit board, which did not cure the problem. I am now waiting for a new main circuit board to see if that helps.

    Have any other users had this issue with the screen locking up? Just looking for ideas and input from others that may have experienced this.

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    Blow everything out thoroughly, disconnect EVERY plug connector you can, blow them out, then reconnect, plug it back in and switch it on.

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    Screen replaced. Issue resolved. Excellent, prompt service from Matt and Mike at Tech support. Thank you!

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    Hello Oldnotslow, just wanted to ask you a question, is the Lightning a great welder in mig and tig and would you buy or recommend it ? I want to sell my individual unit and purchase a all in one unit to shrink my garage space footprint. This is strictly for home use not commercial use. Thanks in advance, David......

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