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    Does Everlast have any new Mig Machines coming out soon. I will be in the market this spring. I am looking around now.

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    Gee, what do you want to weld?

    Whatever it is, I'd look at two Everlast MIG units that have been around for a while, as they?re still ahead of their class, since they both have a complete DC TIG ability out-of-the-box too. You know, HF arc starts, gas solenoid, 2T/4T sequence, with TIG torch and pedal included.

    I'm talking about the 211Si and the 252Si, which are classified as multi-process units too, and rightly so, as their added DC TIG ability is top-notch. The 251Si has single-pulsed MIG too, which could be helpful with MIG on aluminum. The 251Si has proven to be able to MIG on aluminum wire without a spool gun, and only a change of the liner, maybe the roller too, I believe.

    Otherwise the Everlast "Cyclone" MIG models seem to be quite new, with their digital-LCD interfaces.

    And the Everlast Lightning MTS 225 MIG, with the innovative advanced-featured (added waveforms) AC/DC TIG (for aluminum TIG too), is on sale for $2000 at the moment.

    So, many good choices and values with Everlast units.

    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    I'm thinking about a 353DPI, a digital screen upgrade would be nice. It doesn't look like the cart that comes with it has a place for the tank. I use a 300CFM tank 75-25 currently.
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    Wow, I hadn't noticed that a 353DPi includes a water-cooler for MIG, and the cart too, at such an affordable price.

    The cart shows holes for a chain retainer for the tank/bottles. But, yeah, for 300CF, you may want to modify the tail section. Ha, ha, ha...

    Single and double-pulsed at that output and duty-cycle would make for a nice aluminum skiff building rig, or anything else.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Everlast should sell it separately. someone might just already have a cooler and a cart.

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    The 253DPi is sold as the lone machine, without cart and cooler.

    And if I were going to do any serious MIG welding with single/double pulse, that's the one I'd undoubtedly get.

    I mean, the whole 353DPi system, with power source, separate wire-feeder, cart, and water cooler is full a industrial-quality "system" that is priced at about $3200 on the Everlast website right now. A comparable system like that from Blue, Red, or Yellow is undoubtedly around 10K.

    So, you could look at the 253DPi (single/double pulse), or maybe the new Cyclone 312 (non-pulsed).

    But you haven't mentioned what you would weld with such a potent system with all of that duty-cycle?

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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    The 353dpi cart absolutely will hold a full size cylinder.

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