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Thread: LIGHTNING MTS 275 with TIG Package Amp and Wire Size

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    Hey! So picked up the "LIGHTNING MTS 275 WITH TIG PACKAGE" I'd say a year ago... lol I just not got to pulling it out and installing a plug-in for it. I have her a a 50amp 240v breaker, but I was wondering if I needed to upgrade the wire gauged to be safe. Anyone that has one of these units, what size wire did you run from your breaker to the plug?

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    I've always followed that, if you're going to run a wire between a 50A Breaker and a 50A Receptacle,,, it should probably be a Wire Rated for 50A
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    I have the same machine. I have a 50A breaker and AWG 8 wiring to the plug. I also made a 40' extension cord using AWG 8 wire and it all has worked fine for 10 years and 3 different welder and a plasma cutter.

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