I am thinking about buying a gas lens or lens kit for the Nova 20 water cooled torch that came with me 255EXT purchased 10/2022. I also have the Powercool 375 chiller.

I know I can fit the machine with any number of "name brand" torches but so far I have no complaints about the torch other than the confusing descriptions for part and accessories on the website. Any advice is appreciated.

The 17/18/26 stubby kit (SK UEV-171826-STK) looks like the collets and collet bodies for my torch. Are they?
If so can I just buy a lens? in comparison the EV-171826-GLK looks like it would NOT fit.

I would like to have standard (pink) ceramic cups for stainless and a larger pyrex cup for aluminum. Does anyone know if any of the pyrex cup/lens sets fit this torch?