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Thread: Breaker size for my 251si

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    Default Breaker size for my 251si

    Would a 40a circuit be enough to run all processes on my 251si, if not, what should it be?
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    What does the detail label on the machine say , generally speaking " a 20% headroom " for most anything is typical .
    Make it easier for others to help - in this case " reading the label " then asking a question after providing info ?
    You have it , I do not , I would have to go look it up -
    I do not even know if this is dual voltage [ 120 - 240 volts ] machine .
    Then what are you welding type of metal , process & thickness ?
    If it is a dual machine , and your weld some sheet metal , you could get by with 120 volts , but may not have enough amps from a 120 vac / 15 amp typical outlet ?

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