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Thread: Thread Sealant for Gas Inlet Port (PowerTIG 200DX)

  1. Question Thread Sealant for Gas Inlet Port (PowerTIG 200DX)

    So I snapped my gas inlet port off the solenoid and Everlast had a replacement delivered in like 3 days on their dime; freaking amazing! I understand the fitting doesn't hold up to too much torque(guess how I snapped my previous one..) and I'd like to use some sort of thread sealant. Loctite has pretty much anything you can imagine but I want to know what works best, or what Everlast used in the initial assembly.

    I'm leaning towards Loctite 577, but wanted to see if there was something recommended.


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    I use teflon tape on those fittings.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Quote Originally Posted by christian View Post
    I use teflon tape on those fittings.
    Thing is I want it to "threadlock" because you can't torque it too hard. I'm afraid Teflon tape will loosen too easily.

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    I replaced the solenoid on my 210EXT (2014/15 model), because I either broke it (I forget) or just wanted a solenoid with NPT (24V online for about $20) pipe threads so I could have various angle fittings. I posted a thread here several years ago about it with pics.

    Honestly, though, the fitting to the solenoid doesn't get much activity, as I'll just remove the line from the Argon tank at the regulator, for changing bottles.

    So, teflon tape or thread sealant, take you pick, the fitting probably doesn't have a preference, especially if you leave the hose to it in place and just change the tank at the regulator.

    And if you have a good seal at the regulator, even when you shut the tank valve your pressure gauge will hold a steady pressure for weeks, unless there is also a poor seal at the solenoid.

    So, you always have that as a visual that all is well, when you see the tank pressure is staying "put" for weeks after the valve is shut.
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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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    Now that I think about, maybe the seal at the entry of the solenoid doesn't affect the pressure held at the regulator after the valve is closed...
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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