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Thread: tif 210ext, base tungsten and rod size questions

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    im welding 1/8" stainless plate to practice on. using 3/32 tun. and 3/32 filler rod @ 70 amps with pedal control hooked up, havnt spend much time dialing it in but welds seem dark and not pritty you could say, whats everyones settings to get started on something like this. also im on 110v about will have 220v in a couple days

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    What kind of tungsten? What Amps? Using DC? What polarity do you have? What gas flow rate and cup size? Using pure argon right? How far away is your welder from where you are welding?

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    I'm no expert on stainless. But I've had my 210EXT for over 6 years now, and really enjoy it on aluminum, steel, and a bit of stainless too. TIG brazing with silicon bronze is pretty cool as well.

    So, to get "prettier" beads on stainless, i.e., colors, is not super easy. But, on 1/8" plate, you might try 1/6" filler, a higher Argon flow rate (25 CFH), and more amperage with a faster travel rate. At less amperage as a slower travel speed you're actually introducing more heat and cooking the metal, which gives that dark dull finish. The heat signature around the bead will show that.

    So, post some pics, then we can advise you better.

    A bigger ceramic cup and a gas lens is preferred for stainless, too.

    The small filler wire will hopefully make you have to move faster and not dwell as long, which is a good thing, as long as you adept at your filling technique. I mean, I believe most of the better stainless welding is done with more of the base metal in the puddle, i.e., less filler being used, which also calls for outstanding fit-up though.
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    What'd you do, ask for feedback then run away?
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