I have had an I mig 200e for a little over 3 years. I also have Everlast stick and tig welders. I have been very pleased with all three. Last Friday we were installing a gate using the mig welder. We had tacked it in and were checking alignment when the welder shut down. The fan was running until it shut down. It was about 100 out so I though maybe it had shut off due to heat. My helper said it felt hot. We finished the job with the stick welder.

Later I plugged the mig in in the shop and the power light came on. When I squeezed the trigger I just heard a click and no wire advanced. It only clicked the first time we pulled the trigger. After it is shut down and turned back on we get one click again. My electrical engineer brother came over yesterday and we pulled the cover to see if there were visible fuses or damage. Everything looked good, we checked for loose connections and looked for evidence of over heating. Everything looked good. So good that my engineer brother marvelled at the quality for the price.

I plan to call tech support tomorrow but thought I would ask here first. Any ideas?