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Thread: Custom Install eBike Kit Using Everlast 210EXT On Torque Arm, Rack, & Basket

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  1. Default Custom Install eBike Kit Using Everlast 210EXT On Torque Arm, Rack, & Basket

    Yeah, the forum here has been pretty quiet and without any projects shown lately. So, I'll include this recent one of mine. It's a video, but I'll include some photo clips here too, along with the text description I left at the Youtube sit itself.

    "Christian Livingstone demonstrates a custom installation of a typical, low-cost 1000W rear hub motor eBike kit of the direct-drive style, as a favor to a friend and out of a sense of welding and fabrication compulsiveness.
    The customization includes an extra stout stainless steel torque arm, since the bike has an aluminum frame with very shallow dropouts.
    There?s custom fabrication of a rear rack, using some 3/8? rebar, done on the bike?s rear suspension, which will contain the battery box and controller, housed in a TIG welded, aluminum diamond plate cover.
    A big front cargo basket is fabricated from some 3/8? rebar and two sizes of smooth expanded metal, to give it a kind of Mad Max look, while providing plenty of room for taking things along.
    Some light troubleshooting is done on the three phase wire connectors.
    Christian goes off on somewhat of a tangent toward the end, where he includes showing a dual-rear-drive eTrike that he rolls around on, and another trike he uses as a prototyping platform."
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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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