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Thread: Sourcing Euro Connect Mig guns.

  1. Default Sourcing Euro Connect Mig guns.

    I would like a 15' Euro Connect Mig gun with binzel nozzles but I can only find 3meter ones or ones with Tweco number 2 nozzles. I would go with the Tweco but I need flux core nozzles and they don't look available for the tweco number 2. I have a order in with WeldingDirect but their customer service is ,well not great. It usually takes them at least 3 weeks to get a order to you so I'm considering alternatives. I have a Everlast one that came with my machine and would like a higher quality one than what everlast has.

    Thanks for your expertise!

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    EVERY manufacturer makes a Euro back end for their guns as far as I know. They have to. Miller and Lincoln don't even use their proprietary connections overseas. They use the Euro one on most of their products.

    But as far as quality. There's not going to be a whole lot of difference. That gun is made by Innotec, one of the top manufacturers in China. We used Binzel for a while, but there was virtually 0 differences. If you ordered the Nutec, well, its going to be the same.

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    Thanks for sharing your expertise!
    I'm really focused on decent quality for non professional use. I have a Tweco Fusion gun for a different welder because it came with it. My needs really don't warrant a gun that is that tough or that expensive. The gun that came with my 140e does not make me confident to not have a back up for that machine. I do have a nutec for another machine and besides for the nozzle neck wobbling some it is made decent. I have had my century for 25 years and it's only on it's 2nd gun but they are genuine century replacement parts. NOS maybe?

    I don't believe that there is a big market in the U.S for mb15ak euroconnect guns.I can't see the need for a gun that will weld using .040 so I don't want a gun that can't use .025 wire because the liner will not handle that range. I had a alpha250 that was euroconnect/binzel and it instantly became my by far favorite set up. Everlast,Forney,longevity and Eastwood are the users of it as far as I"m aware. I think AHP tanked. Most of the replacement guns for these are 3 meters.

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    Most people with experience I have seen hate the fusion gun.

    Dozens of manufacturers use and have used the MB15, so yes, there is a huge market. Everyone from Snap On to Clarke has used this gun, including Miller.

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    I did find a mig welding nozzle that lists that it fits the Lincoln Magnum and the Tweco #2. The magnum part number for their fluxcore nozzle is kp1947-1. I guess it would depend on the diffuser whether it would work or not.
    I did not find much on the internet for a euroconnect/binzel in the states but there were listing in Australia. I checked ,HTP ,longevity and or anyone with a listing for a 15" version and they are out of stock. 3 meter versions ,there is a bunch available but nothing longer besides the Everlast one in stock.

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    ESAB and Thermal Arc used Euro type for years. So has everyone from Snap on to Clarke.

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    I found this in a tweco 2 as well.
    The only euro connect guns I can find with a search are either tweco 2 or higher amp guns that can't use .025 wire or that are 3 meters in length. Binzel or longer cables are not to be found. For the time it takes WeldingDirect to get a order out, i'll bet they either have to wait for parts from china for ordered guns,or are just a middle man for the complete gun.
    Thanks for your input btw!

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