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Thread: Hello,I'm new to inverter mig set up.

  1. Default Hello,I'm new to inverter mig set up.

    Hi, With my all transformer mig I used to adjust voltage high enough to get the heat range I wanted and adjusted wire speed only fast enough that it would not melt off if globs. With my newish 140e it's more of the oppsite. I can have the voltage quite low and run a lot of wire speed. Also, the arc seems weak at a low enough wire speed just above melting off in globs.

    How should I set up an inverter mig?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you looked at the manual?

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    All depends on what gas and what process.
    Miller has a pretty good online calculator for MIG settings.
    No real difference between transformers and inverters. But many transformers have sag issues, so what you set on the panel is not what you get at the gun, particularly with smaller machines.
    Long arc, short arc, heliarc and in-the-dark!

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    Thanks for the replies!
    I was able to do some additional digging on the internet.
    Voltage is alleged to make the bead wider and help with toe wetting.
    Currant is alleged to be responsible for bead depth.
    My old transformer only welder does not have a wide range of adjustment. It will either work in a small range of adjustment or weld poorly. With the 140E it will weld good with the currant at one adjustment but the voltage varied through out 1/2 of the dial with not much of a difference.

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    It does make a difference, but an untrained eye may not see it as much, depending upon the wire diameter.

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    I have only used fluxcore with the 140e so that may make a difference with my perception.

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