I am a long professional welder with most of my work being stick and flux core in steel construction as a union ironworker. Before that i did a lot of aluminum and fabrication mostly with MIG and stainless steel with tig on both pleasure boats and work boats I also built small aluminum skiffs. I have a Miller Dailarc 250 that I bought new in the late 80s and i did some aluminum and stainless tig work with that. I got away from doing that type of fabrication when i went into ironworking so i might be rusty.

I bought a new Everlast 325EXT that does not seem to weld properly on any AC settings except AC Easy and Advanced Square Wave. When I switch the wave form to Soft Square, Triangle or Sine wave the machine will not establish an arc and acts like it's pulsing but the pulse is off. The machine welds stick ok just messing around doing some vertical up and overhead welding as well as flat and horizontal with 7018 on reverse polarity on 3/16 mild steel it makes a decent puddle. Tig on steel was okay too welding 1/8 mild steel with a 3/32 2%-thoriated tungsten on dcen with 1/16 filler was fine. On aluminum I realize the machine operates quite differently from the old transformer machines and i watched a bunch of videos working on duplicating basic setups working with 1/8 inch 5052 running beads i could move around on the parameters in normal mode checking out the effect of balance and frequency using the air cooled torch between 90-140 but not pushing it too hard so just doing short stringers the coupon i cut for practice were like 2-1/2 by 6 and get heat soaked pretty fast so i could work at 90-amps. I have a new cooler on order from everlast but may setup the old one to move up inn amperage to practice on some thicker material.

I watched Jesse Mccollum's waveform video and used those basic settings 100-amps 30% EP balance 120 Htz 0.5 pre-flo 10 seconds post flow runs fine on advanced square and won't weld on the other 3 forms.

I can say the pedal doesn't seem back down the amperage smoothly and maintain arc consistency but when i have the problem with the other waves the pedal is maxed out trying to establish an arc.