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Thread: 275p won't switch on

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    I had to cut off the plug that came with my machine,275p

    At the moment I'm running a 15 amp NZ plug . Unfortuneately I threw out the first plug after cutting it open to see how the wires were attached.So after 3 weeks of other problems with some shipping fan related damage my confidnece on wiring the plug needs a boost.

    If the plug faces away from you with the lead going into the plug,is it okay for teal green bottom earth, Black power left and white thick neutral wire R right?

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    Have no idea what you are referring to exactly. A 15A NZ plug?. There is NO neutral on a welder. So, maybe in the middle of the confusion about terminology and wiring that's the problem?

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    New Zealand plug is my guess. They have 230 volt 50 Hz with a phase and neutral. So yes the green is earth and your black and white would be phase and neutral.
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