everlast 325ext tig
bought February 2021
the sticker says inspected 11/2020
pure argon (harris dual flow and multiple different cylinders)
everlast nova flex torch/ leads, ck weld torch and leads x2
3 phase
factory length ground lead (35mm cable) with g clamp style end (tried a few different leads) tried clamping to both work and bench
tried cleaning and gapping points multiple times, tighter and looser of factory-recommended gap

tried anywhere from 60-200 frequency
10-35 balance
all waveforms
no pulse
no 5 furick and edge number 8 gas lens
black 1.6mm and blue 2.4 tungsten between 15-30 degree angle

very inconsistent hf starts on ac, not as bad on dc
splutters and surges on low amperage ac

did send an email to tech support a few days ago and awaiting their response but thought I would ask here too

have videos I can email of what it does