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    So, I just ordered some aluminum U-rollers and a Teflon liner for my MTS-275. I just wasn?t sure if once I swapped the Teflon liner in if I would be all set to switch back and forth from aluminum and solid wire (steel?er70s-6?). Or if every time I swapped mig wire I would need to change back to the appropriate mig liner.
    Never tried aluminum without a spool gun but that Everlast YouTube video last week gave me hope to try it for all of 45-60$ worth of upgrades.

    Also, I do have oversized contact tips to account for any warping of the wire after going through the U groove rollers.


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    You need to switch or use a separate dedicated gun. Swapping liners is quick though.

    Yes, use oversized tips, or use a tip the correct size designated for aluminum use.

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