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    I have a simple question on this unit. I am looking to buy this to have both a plasma cutter and mig unit all in one. My only worry is the note on it concerning plasma function.

    Quoting from the notes section.

    "The plasma function of this welder is meant to serve as a supportive function to normal welding operations. It is not meant to serve as a stand-alone, primary plasma cutter, nor is it designed for or capable of CNC use. The plasma cutter function is for hand cutting only."

    I don't intend on using the plasma all the time but this has me wondering if this could potentially be a weak spot in the unit. I understand about not using for CNC but how limited is the supportive function? Handheld I am ok with and would probably use the plasma on and off but when I start on a project (A home user level) I want to make sure the tool I purchase will handle what I am going to do.

    Thank you and God Bless,

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    It'll do what you want it to. The point of that statement is "Do not buy this if you intend to use it solely as a plasma cutter". The design of the plasma is a supportive function to welding. Cut the part you need, then weld it. Not to sit and make production cuts day in and out. It has a 35% duty cycle rating, not a 60% of our stand alone cutters.

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    Thank you Mark

    As a home user, the most I can task it with is cutting a sheet of 1/8 down to fit or simple cuts I just wanted to have a good feeling about buying this. Having worked in the steel industry a long time ago, this will maybe get used once a week so it will never see anything production level. Think more of around the house repair.

    I am only asking because I read everything and learn a tool before I purchase. This helps a lot.

    God Bless,

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    I want to emphasize, for the purpose of others reading that I do not mean to convey that the unit isn't commercial in nature or capable of heavy use. It is. But it is for the purposes of types of welding that you'd find in a portable operation, or small fab shop where a lot of one off stuff is done, or a body shop operation. It could also be something that you'd find in use in a factory where you might find a different chore everyday. But what the notation refers to is that this unit isn't designed for the plasma being the only or primary use of the unit. I can think of the equivalent in the TIG series with the TIG/Stick/Plasma units. Though there are some significant differences in the way they are made and controlled, in the past we've had people buy those units for a primary plasma cutter, thinking they were getting a bonus TIG/Stick welder that they could use when they may need it. In some cases they bought it as a CNC commercial unit. When they couldn't get the performance that they demanded from a stand alone unit, then they'd obviously be disappointed.

    I can think of a customer IIRC, that bought it to cut up cars all day long in a junk yard 8 to 10 hours a day. The unit did not offer the duty cycle or the performance he was looking for. I often get this type of call from customers and they begin the call "I bought a of those that you can do TIG with...and I never used the TIG before and it won't work (or the unit is always going into overheat), or I"ve only ever used the plasma on the machine and I switched it over to TIG while I was using the plasma..." I immediately know that there is going to be an issue that isn't going to make the customer happy with my diagnosis.

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