Hello everyone from the North Caucasus.

I have been reading this forum for a long time as a guest and decided to register. I am 41 years old and I work as an electrician. The first time I tried hand welding on my own was at the age of 21. Stick Welding (SMAW) with transformer and rectifier bridge on powerful rectifier diodes. I only knew how to regulate the welding current. Through trial and error, I began to be able to weld and even cut parts (with a higher welding current). Then I welded a little with an AC Stick Welding (SMAW). It is very inconvenient, the welding arc is hard to ignite, the metal is sprayed in different directions. At the age of 36, I bought a welding inverter 1 phase,(SMAW) current 250 amperes and continued to study on my own. Now I am good at welding steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm to 4-5 mm. different welding electrodes from 1.6 mm to 4 mm. This welding inverter helped me with sidecar repair. Last summer I made a sidecar shelter with the help of a welding inverter.

I wanted to buy TIG welding 3-4 years ago. I chose a welding machine for a long time. And I chose a Everlast Power TIG 255-EXT. The device was delivered to me by a transport company and I brought it home on my sidecar.

Until I tried to weld, I need to buy an argon cylinder (150 bar, 40 liters). I also bought another gas reducer with a glass rotameter and an argon saver. The device prevents the argon pressure surge in the first second when the welding torch is turned on. It turns out savings of up to 30% of argon. Now my hobby is motorcycles and I want to make another exhaust system 2-in-1 for my sidecar myself. I know my motorcycle well and I repair it completely. I also read all sorts of scientific books in English and German on intake systems and exhaust systems for 4-t engines. Also I am an experienced computer user and O.S. Linux is from the Unix-like systems family. I have a good knowledge of electricity and radio electronics, mechanics, steel, bronze, metal alloys, chemical composition.

This summer I will buy a bandsaw(Pilous ARG 130 TK) with a maximum kerf of 130mm. and make my own big grinder like this one - Baileigh Belt Grinder BG-679. For grinder, I will buy Contact Wheel, Steering Wheel and a 3-phase asynchronous motor + a small dust extraction motor. I will make the rest of the details for the gridner myself.

Yury Yurteev.