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Thread: Mts 275 to big??

  1. Default Mts 275 to big??

    I bought and payed for mts 225, but everlast sent me a 275 by mistake I’m sure.
    So I decided to keep it,thinking bigger is better, but now I’m not so sure. After keeping it for few months I finally get around to try to playing with it. First of all can’t use tig w/o having to buy either water cooler or air cooled torch.. and the mig came with roller suggesting size 035-045. And HUGE mig torch handle thingy.
    I’m VERY new to welding and I wanted a life time machine to learn on. Does this mean everything I try to weld on has to be BIG?


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    Did you let them know?

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    No i did not

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    I must say that doesn't speak very well of you or your ethics. They may have upgraded you, but it would have been the right thing to do to contact them about it. If it was a mistake on Everlast's part, well they are human. But now you have a machine that 1) you did not pay for, 2) one that they are not obligated to warranty since you did not alert them to the "accident" (unless they did charge you the difference. 3) Getting a cooperative, good price on the cooler and accessories, or help in getting what you need will be strained unless you are that brazen. Maybe you are. Maybe Everlast upgraded you on purpose, and all is good. But if not, well personally, I my conscience wouldn't let me get away with it without a "good will" phone call.

    I grew up differently I guess.

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    It?s not my fault they sent the wrong one. Im not under any obligation to go through the trouble to repack and send back as I didn?t even notice at first it was wrong one .As for not calling i just never got around to it. And I?m sure they will warranty if there is a problem. So I don?t need your sarcasm remarks thank you.

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    The 275 isn't too big, compared to a 225. I mean, you get the same low amp arc starts on TIG, I'm sure.

    If the 275 came with only a water-cooled torch, I wouldn't complain about that, as the free upgrade to the 275 is it's own compensation.

    I'd just get an air-cooled #17 torch assembly, with the Roto Head. They're cheap from Everlast at about $150. Or, if you think you'll be doing heavier TIG stuff and don't want the water cooler, get the #26 Roto Head torch/hose/connector assembly, as they're priced well from Everlast too. I'm sure smaller MIG rollers aren't cost-prohibitive either. The bigger MIG gun undoubtedly has a better duty-cycle, which you'll probably like pretty quickly if you MIG repeatedly for more than 10 minutes, i.e., it won't get so hot, so quickly. So, you'll have a complete, wider-range unit, that has a greater residual value going forward.

    Otherwise, if you're still in the first 30-day guarantee period, Everlast will undoubtedly send you an RMA and a free UPS label to return/exchange the unit. Although, the 225 may be in short supply, lately, so there may be a wait.

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    If you haven't noticed, I work for the company. So, your attitude and how we will deal with this is noted as well. Will check on this oversight. We will be glad to honor the warranty on anything you paid for unless we opted to upgrade you. And my remarks are not sarcastic. They are direct and sincere.

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    Oleg would like to speak with you about this. Please call 877 755 9353 ext 201 asap.

    FWIW, one reason that you should have stood tall on this is that the factory gets copies of serial numbers for factory backed warranty period. If you were shipped one accidentally, that means someone else got yours or something similar, at the very least your serial number isn't going to match, and you won't have warranty. Simple as that. People are human and make mistakes. When you ship as many products in a day as we do, it is easy to accidentally swap a label on two side by side units.

    But from a personal side, it DOES speak volumes about personal character (or lack of), raising etc. You can justify it I am sure though.

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    There it is, some conciliation from Everlast personnel about a possible misunderstanding or miscommunication.

    Rock On, Everlast!
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