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Thread: MTS 251si woes

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    Went to fire up my 251SI yesterday, flip the switch on on the back of the machine everything lit up and then it shut back off. Machine is a couple weeks old has given me zero problems until now. Put the adapter on the power cord and run it to 110 works just fine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated I bought this machine to do a job and now I can?t do the job if it doesn?t work

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    Were you running it on a generator?

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    Were you running it on a generator?
    No, I was plugged into outlet from my house. Thought maybe I had a bad plug in house so I tried my engine drive Lincoln. Same thing. On 220/240 it turns on and shuts right off. On 110v it works fine 🤷🏻#♂️

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    You may have a inrush amperage issue with your 220/240 breaker.

    I mean, if it's a 30 amp breaker, you may get it to power up OK sometimes, and sometimes not.
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