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Thread: Greetings from east central Minnesota

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    Hi Everyone,
    Recently retired from 45+ years auto mechanic. 2+ years Welding /Fabrication/repair shop. Now to continue side welding/repair jobs out of home shop.
    Learned Oxy/Ace welding from Dad at the age of 12. Bought first torch set and tanks at 16.
    After two full time years at Welding/Fab shop, Real passion is in Aluminum tig Fab and repairs.
    Just took delivery of new PowerPro 256D/ PowerCool W375. Wanted to up my game with pulse and freq. control. Old Lincoln Ideal Arc Tig 250 is good old work horse but a power and Floor space hog!!

    May your next weld be better than the last.


    Everlast PowerPro 256D
    Everlast PowerCool W375
    Lincoln IdealArc Tig 250
    Miller Coolmate 4
    Snap-On FM140
    Victor Journeyman Oxy/Ace
    Dytron Spray Torch

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    Welcome. Let us know how we can help.

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