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Thread: I-MIG 253DPi pulse settings

  1. Default I-MIG 253DPi pulse settings

    Just purchased the I-MIG 253DPi for aluminum welding with a push pull gun. Wondering if anyone has some good settings relating to volts and wire speed? Also how to set up the pulse to ensure good penetration with minimal distortion. I?m going to be welding 1/4? 5086 with .045 wire. I am also going to be welding lots of 1/8? where distortion is going to be a big issue. Wondering if anyone has settings for this using .035 wire, pulse setting would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks.

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    Call me direct to discuss settings. Allot about 20 to 25 minutes. Be sure to have a pencil and piece of paper ready. There will be a test... lol

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