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Thread: Lightning MTS 225 MIG Spatter

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    Hey guys, I?ve done some searching here and have found a couple threads touching on this issue a little bit I need a little more info than what I?ve found so far. If there is a thread you know of please redirect me. I bought a new Lightning MTS 225 earlier this year and it?s a great machine, I?ve mostly used it for TIG but I have MIG projects come up a fair amount too and have noticed that this machine spatters like crazy! I?ve tried different feeds, voltages, gas pressures, nothing helps, inductance settings, burn back settings, nothing improves it. I run C25 with .035 Hobart ER70S6 wire and always keep my nozzle dipped and clean it as often as possible. Porosity is rare but does happen more often than it did with the Tweco 181i Fabricator machine that this unit replaced. I?ve tried cleaning the material, even to the point of ?TIG Clean? and it still spatters like mad, way more than my old old Miller unit.

    Just to give an idea on where I?m at settings-wise, I?m working on a project using 3/16? mild steel plate and I?ve tried settings between 290wfs-320wfs and 19.5-23v. The welds are decent but I have to spend way too much time with a chisel and hammer, busting spatter balls off after a bead. Is there a known issue, or am I missing something?

    Side note, is there a MIG gun upgrade for this unit anyways? This 10ft gun is a little too short for what I?d prefer.


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    Replace the work clamp.

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    Did you re-connect the gas line from the tig inlet to the mig inlet at back of the machine? Mig gun on positive (requires changing the connection inside by the wire feeder) and work clamp on negative? That's the two things I ran into at work most often when called about a spattering welder.

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