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    I need a little help here. My POWERMTS 251SI which is about 1 1/2 years old and which I've just started using the TIG function consistently for about a month seems to have quit working. It started doing this thing where when I would hit the pedal it would have a really erratic looking arc, looked like just electricity coming out and I would get this buzzing noise from the machine. It would eventually arc but now it just buzzes and after about 3-5 seconds stops the buzzing like I let off of the pedal. Today I noticed the light on the panel would light red for stop and I would see code E05 which the manual says is stuck switch and too long to arc or something like that. I assume that is probably because I was just watching the panel and I had the torch in the stand, not close to any metal while pushing the pedal so I could watch to see what the panel was showing. I thought maybe my project metal I was trying to weld wasn't clean so I re-cleaned it really well and same result. I also took a fresh piece of steel and ground it clean and then cleaned it with acetone really well but still no go. Any idea what could be going on? I'm really hoping I don't have to send this back and there is a really simple fix.

    Thank in advance for any help!

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    I'd check and reestablish all of the Ground fittings and connections, as well as all of the TIG torch connections, fittings, and collets, etc.

    It probably is something simple like that.

    Or, maybe take the pedal out of the equation, by unplugging it, and try scratch starting and running some beads with just the panel amperage. Then you'd know the pot on the pedal is bad.

    Please let us all know back here what it turns out to be.
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    Well you were correct in it being something simple. I thought about this late last night and it dawned on me that the issue was the gas. I have a MIG bottle and a TIG bottle on my cart and there is a Y splitter between the 2 bottles. I had the Y valve off for the Argon and when I turned on the Argon valve on at the bottle I didn't switch the Y valve back from the TIG bottle so basically there was no gas flowing. Well I learned something new and probably won't make that mistake again.

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    It happens!

    That 251Si is a cool, pulsed MIG model, and probably the only 250amp pulsed MIG unit sold in North America with included HF start TIG function, that also comes with the pedal and TIG torch.

    There is a video on YouTube of a gal using a 251Si using the pulsed MIG on aluminum, and a spoolgun, as I recall, who looked like she was having a great time using it. There was some fun background music playing too, as I recall.
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    I'm sure it won't be the last time doing something "dumb" lol. I'm sure everyone has a story like that in one hobby or another. Cool I'll look for that video. I'm new to TIG and a welding machine of this quality with all the options this has. I had a plain MIG machine for several years, 2 knobs and it worked great, but I wanted to try my hand at TIG and a nicer machine. So far I'm loving Green. TIG is definitely a challenge compared to MIG but I'm working on it.

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    Here's a 251Si video by that same gal, but it's not the one she did with the spoolgun on aluminum, which doesn't seem to be on her Channel anymore. Maybe there was a copyright violation, for the music or something.

    Anyway, the 251Si can MIG aluminum, but not TIG aluminum.

    You may one day wish to get an AC/DC TIG unit, which can TIG aluminum. They can now be had for under 1K, and some are even digital, at that price.

    So, it's a very good time for consumers in the TIG marketplace.
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    Christian, When I was looking at Everlast in 2016 I wanted a MTS and preferred a AC/DC but Everlast told me they would NEVER make one because of cost and size. Low and behold they make them now!! They just wanted to get rid of stock. I do like the Power MTS 251Si and I got a spoolgun for it. Fast forward to 2019 and I bought a PowerMTS 221Sti. Hey, now I have a AC/DC Mig, Tig & Stick!! Got 2 welders, 1 for each house! LOL!!

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    The Everlast units over the past half dozen years are still largely unmatched for features, performance (especially in duty-cycle), warrantee, and value.

    I think the EXT line of TIG welders put them over the top some years ago.

    Then the 211Si and 251Si came along, and are still unmatched for their MIG (pulsed for the 251) with HF TIG and all the accessories included, at a price that has no peers.

    Then their welding industry firsts, for the two Everlast AC/DC TIG/MIG/Stick STi units.

    And you can buy about three or four 210EXT's for the price of one similarly equipped Dynasty 210DX, unhobbled in its pulse and AC amplitude control feature by Miller's optional proprietary SD card lines of computer code.

    Now they're putting more LCD or LED interfaces on units, which probably does make for easier viewing of selections.

    ROCK ON, Everlast!
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