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    Hi every one out there, I just purchased a 253 DPI with a push pull gun for aluminum, would it be a possibility to have a potentiometer on the gun to do adjustment to your amperage settings while welding ?

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    I've never heard of any MIG unit that has on-the-fly hand-amptrol ability.

    The Parker spoolgun that Everlast sells does have amperage adjustment on the bottom of the handle, as I recall, but that's not a real on-the-fly amperage adjustment.
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    thank you on your comment, I myself dont do aluminum welding, its my employees that do. they informed me that miller has that option, it would be more to turn up the heat to avoid a cold start, however the everlast has the 4tspc setting that you can adjust your start.

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    A hot start MIG setting is not that new or a Miller-only feature.

    But running a MIG gun like a TIG torch isn't being done as a standard feature on any unit that I know of.

    I mean, I'm all ears, so to speak, as to which Miller model might.

    Otherwise, the Fronius MIG units seem to be the most advanced, and more costly than even the best Miller has to offer.
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    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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