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Thread: POWER I-MIG 200 stick capabilities

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    At it for 45 years and just need a kick around welder for some outside welding, 120/220. Question I've got on the POWER I-MIG 200 how's it's stick capabilities, Many inverter units gave a hard time holding a steady arc in 6010.

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    It's not designed for 6010. If you want 6010, step up to the Power i MIG 230i, as it has the 6010 setting.

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    Thanks for the reply. Apparently Stick isn't used any more or to hard for people to run. Stick is still relevant, just takes a little more practice.

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    plenty of people still run stick. However, 6010 is steadily falling into decline. 6011 is fine for most people. Insurance regulations are forcing people to run 7018 all the way out in many areas.

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    I don't mean to derail this discussion,,,, but, Insurance regulations don't favor 6010 for some reason??? (not sure what "all the way out" means)

    Do I completely misunderstand what you posted

    Please explain...

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    Dissimilar ratings on the metal strength is the reason I heard given. 60k in the root (the weakest point and most prone to yielding) versus 70k on fill cap and pass.

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