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Thread: 0.035" wire on an MTS 225 Lightning?

  1. Default 0.035" wire on an MTS 225 Lightning?

    I've been looking long and hard for a reasonably priced multi machine that can TIG aluminum, and I think the MTS 225 Lightning might be it, but I'm confused. Shouldn't the drive wheel for 0.035" wire be 0.9mm? Checking the consumables offered, I only see 0.8mm and 1.0mm drive wheels, no 0.9mm. Am I missing something? I suppose 0.030" wire is OK, but 0.035' wire is pretty common in these parts.

    I'm located in Canada, so I'll be dealing with when the time comes. I just thought I'd ask here first.



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    Call them. They are on the US site. All the single drive rolls interchange. They also fit the 4 roller ones, but the 4 rolls just come with 2.

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    Im in the same situation and was wondering the exact same thing. Did you every get any answer to your question?

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    Yes, just call Everlast and they should be able to provide the correct size wheel. I never did call as I ended up going with a PowerTIG 210EXT.

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