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Thread: Power Arc 200 Diisplay keeps changing

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    I have a Power Arc 200. It welds fine. The adjustment dial is fine. My problem is the display always changing number. I will try to set it at 125 for example. It will them constantly move from 120 to 125 to 130 and so and so. I can't set it to the amps I want.

    I've tried my PowerTIG 250ex machine with my power outlet I use with PA200 and the stick mode of that TIG welder works fine. No changing number.

    Any ideas?

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    Is this when welding? If so, that is supposed to happen. This is a function of arc force.

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    Some of the machine have LCD without feedback that mean what you set up that will stay till you change. During welding process voltage and amperage changing constantly. New welding machine with live feedback showing that on screen and that is reaction depense how you welding , if you not keeping constantly one distance or rod is dump or any of other 99 reasons then you will see on screen actualoutput changing on screen. Some of the machine have arc force just for starting and some of other units keeping arc on best condition during welding process .

    If this is happen when you trying to set up amperage then your potentiometer ( trimmer ) is faulty or regulator block have some stability issue .

    Try to answer Perfomance question and we will try to help with your problem ..

    Weld on /easy to weld

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