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Thread: 2021 Models 210 EXT

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    I keep seeing announcements that the 2021 models are here. Are there any changes that are significant, specifically regarding the 210 EXT? Improved electronics, add features?

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    I think it’s just the exterior styling, like with the whole EXT line, which got a recent so-called face lift.

    Otherwise, the 210EXT apparently got a more robust high-frequency daughterboard that reverted back to gapped point type ignition.

    My 210EXT (2014 model) has the gapless HF ignition that was viewed as somewhat of a leap forward, and similar to Miller Dynasty’s “Blue Lightning”, but Everlast and its manufacturer seem to like gapped HF daughterboards better now.

    The 210EXT is still a stand-out value and performer as an advanced-featured AC/DC TIG welder in the under 250 amp class.
    Everlast 210 EXT (2015)

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